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Company Profile

Mr. Budiadnyana
: Owner

Company Overview

Krisna Dewata started in 2004 by Gede Eka, and his wife Ketut Sri Indahyani. The company name Krisna Dewata derives from the goddess Sri Hari Krisna worshiping Ista Dewata. Our vision is to help a young generation to be creative and to combine their activities with a contribution to our environment. This can be achieved through intelligent design that integrates the recycling of paper into the production process - materials which otherwise would not be used anymore. Our product variety comprises photo albums, frames, note books and address books - exclusively made from recycled paper and other natural products such as sea shells, dried leaves etc. The use of natural and local materials bears two advantages: they are easily available at the place of production and they can be recycled. That does not only help the community and the young generation being creative in using easily available resources for their work, but it does also contribute to environmental protection due to the renunciation of artificially produced goods. We have a showroom at Tegalallang in Ubud, an area, where wholesalers find most of their demands for handicrafts satisfied. Our showroom helps us to promote our product and to offer a platform for exhibition for our customers which are mostly business persons, shop owners or trade agents. Over the past years our company saw a steady growth. We have our own suppliers and engage employees for the production. Most of the suppliers are from Singaraja a village in north Bali. We provide education and trainings for the suppliers in order to gain the highest quality and create value for our customers. I do the quality control on my own because I am familiar with the standards for each market segment. A special negotiation price will be given when larger amounts of orders are requested. Punctual delivery will be my point of service. I assure that my customers will see all their professional business needs satisfied when they call on to my company.


KNA 901
Natural Leaves Photo album
EUR 1,11
Photo album...

KNA 924
Natural Paper Photo album
EUR 2,43
Photo album...

KNA 925
Natural Paping Photo album
EUR 1,81
Photo album...

KNA 926
Natural Pakis Tree Photo album
EUR 1,53
Photo album...

KNA 927
Natural Paper&Coin Photo album
EUR 3,82
Photo album...

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