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Company Profile

Mr. Witara
: Owner

Company Overview

Tri Utami is already established since 1986, when we started as a family business with garment manufacturing. With the growing demand of handicrafts accompanied by the trade boom in thr 1990’s we took the opportunity to open up a sideline in handicrafts. In 1995 we participated in an exhibition in order to promote our products. Following the market´s demand we then completely shifted our business activities to the handicraft sector. Until today we have 30 employees, who work for us togehter with their families. TRI UTAMI produces handmade crafts and custom-made product. We have our house designs and also produce upon our customers‘imaginations. We use differnt materials for the production of our handicrafts, from albesia wood, bamboo, and iron to other natural or re-usable products such as recycled paper. We are aware of the importance of punctual delivery and good packaging in order to avoid damages and to satisfy our customers. TRI UTAMI is focused on the traditional handicraft market. Our strengths are high quality and the ability to follow the current market trends. Our main future strategy will be to promote our products internationally to reach a broader public. We would like to visit and take a part in international exhibitions. TRI UTAMI’s frequent customers are mostly from Poland. Our customers are regularly informed about new products and other company updates via newsletters. We are interested in lasting customer relationships and try to cooperate as much as possible. A competitive price is one of our advantages and for regular customers we do also offer special discounts.


0503 YG
Oval tray s/3
EUR 7,64
Home decorative...

0501 YG
Tray batik
EUR 3,06
Home decorative...

97104 HHA
Sun moon box set of 3
EUR 9,55
Home decorative...

0510 YG
Square tray s/3
EUR 8,60
Home decorative...

30 S
Jahir fish
EUR 2,23
Home decorative...

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